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Millinery Classes
Millinery Classes:

Millinery 101
Foundation – Students will learn the tools of the trade. Basic pattern –making & hand sewing techniques are taught. Introduction of basic design concepts will be focused upon. Completion of a beret, 4-8 sectioned beret & floppy hat. Basic embellishments techniques are demonstrated.

Millinery 102
Blocking – Learn the art of blocking of felt and straw.  Felt manipulation and free forming will be taught.

Millinery 103 – Prerequisite 101
Bridal  & Special Occasions- Learn to create a wedding veil, mother of the bride & special occasion hat. Wiring, veiling & embellishment techniques will be taught.

Millinery 104 - Prerequisite 101 & 102
Millinery Collection –Custom order work, working with head sizes and creating a master pattern will be introduced. Flat sketching and presenting a collection will be the final project. Advanced buckram techniques are taught.

 Ribbon Art Classes:

Ribbon  101
Foundation – Students will learn the tools of the trade. Hand sewing techniques and cabochon foundations will be taught. Folding and gathering will be demonstrated to create beautiful embellishments such as flowers, leaves & trims.

Ribbon  102 - Prerequisite 101
Creations – Advanced ribbon art techniques are taught. Learn to analyze nature and to create it through the ribbon art. Design concepts are introduced

Felt Making:

Felt making 101
Foundation – Students will learn the tools of the trade. Wet and dry needle felting will be demonstrated. The importance of soap, water temperature and agitation time will be explored.

Felt making 102 - Prerequisite 101
Creations – Advanced felt making techniques are taught. Design concepts are introduced. Applied and experiment techniques will be explored.

                                  Classes are limited in space to 4 students.
                            Private & special designed classes are available.
                                     Please call for time, date and pricing.